Frequently Asked Questions

Q1Does it hurt when one gets an Airbrush Tattoo?
A1No, if anything it's a light tickle.  Even though our airbrush gun looks like the real thing, I can assure you that it's just paint and cool air coming out - and in the summer months tends to be a cool relief.
Q2How long does it take to apply an Airbrush Tattoo?
A2Normal time is 2 minutes.  But the more intricate the stencil and the colors involved the more time the artist will use to put it on.  We want you to be completely satisfied!
Q3How long does an Airbrush Tattoo last?
A3They will last approximately 3-5 days and more with proper care.
Q4How are they applied?
A4We use an airbrush, stencil and non-toxic cosmetic body paints.  The area is sterilized prior to application with rubbing alcohol, the stencil is set, the paint is applied and then we apply baby powder to set it.
Q5Are they removable?
A5They can be easily removed with isopropyl alcohol, baby oil or warm water and soap.
Q6Are they waterproof?
A6For the most part yes.  Care must be taken to not rub or apply any lotions or oils to the area, as well as pat the area dry.  Each guest is given a care card that will instruct him or her how to extend the life of their tattoo.
Q7What kind of paint do you use?
A7We buy our products from European Body Art & Tribal Ink.  They provide us with premium body paints that are designed specifcally for application to the skin.  The paint is produced in the USA with FDA approved skin safe ingredients.  The paint is instant drying, and can be removed with isopropyl alcohol, baby oil or warm water and soap.
Q8How safe is it for skin?
A8The ink we use is FDA approved, non-allergenic, organic and made in the USA.
Q9Can children recieve an Airbrush Tattoo?
A9Yes.  We do children's parties and school functions.
Q10What are the advantages of Airbrush Tattoos over other types of temporary body art?
A10Airbrush tattoos are by far the most realistic looking tattoos.  You can instantly touch them.  It is not messy.  Many individuals have had serious skin reactions to Henna.  Henna is normally a brown color, while airbrush tattoos can vary in color - customizing your tattoo.  This also adds "realism".  The "crack, wet and peel" tattoos are messy and can rub off almost as quickly as they are put on.  Airbrush Tatoos are the overall premium selection. 
Q11Do your stencils have adhesive backing?
A11No Way!  We want your experience to be fun, but clean as well!
Q12Do people only apply Airbrush Tattoos in the summer?
A12No.  Although summer is a peak time to show off those places we tend to hide, fall and winter months are great for "breaking out" of the clothes binding blues!  Special Occasions like Halloween, Brithday parties, School Fair and functions etc... are great times to apply!
Q13Can I get a stencil made for me based on my design?
A13YES!  We can usually cut and deliver within 3 weeks based upon your artwork.  This can be done for high school mascots and college sports teams as well as promotional business events.
Q14Do you only do events in Arizona?
A14The majority of our business is in Arizona, but we are willing to travel to make your Event the best it can be!
Q15Do you have minimum booking time?
A15Yes, our minimum is two hours.
Q16Do you provide all necessary components for the Event?
A16Yes.  We usually only need a power outlet.
Q17Do you only do corporate functions?
A17No.  We are available for all types of venues.  Marketing Events, Grand Openings, Standard Business Events for Night Clubs, Pool Parties, Holiday Parties, Birthdays, Proms, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs etc...
Q18How do we contact you?
A18You can email us at or call 623-229-4098